Foto Friday - You left the gate open...

Foto Friday - You left the gate open.

Hello everyone.

Today's Photo(s) is from one of my latest series titled "Beacon Hill en Noir". Beacon Hill has become a favorite spot to shoot, and these shots are just made for Black & White.

For the Technology Geeks I have added two more photos showing the evolution of the final photo.

Out of Camera - the OOC shot was captured at 1/125s, F5.6, ISO 5000, and at 27mm (16-35mm Sony Lens). The key here is the high(er)ISO that was used to get the shutter speed to an acceptable speed since I was shooting at night, handheld.

Lightroom Adjustments- this photo shows some of the initial cleanup and processing that was done in Lightroom before I sent the photo to Photoshop for final processing. If yo notice the photo is very flat in its lighting, and the viewer's eye needs to be given an initial place to land.

Final Result - This represents the final result after the photograph is processed in Photoshop. It is turned into a B&W, blacks are pushed down, a heavy dark vignette is added, and the center of the photo is "re-lit" to focus the viewer's eye. When completed this shot represents what I saw in my minds eye when I was taking the shot. I just needed to get it there.

Hope you enjoy!