Foto Friday - No Right Turn

Foto Friday No Right Turn

Hello everyone.

Today's photo is one in a series I have been doing called "Day to Night" photos. A normal daytime shot (second photo) is taken, darkened down and re-lit to give it the appearance you see here.

For the Technology Geeks, it starts out as a three shot HDR with the base shot at 1/25s, F8, ISO 100, 18mm (16- 35MM Sony Lens) and on a Tripod to keep the three shots in register. After combined into a single shot and initial processing completed, the shot is then darkened down, -1.5 EV on exposure, blacks pulled down, and a Post Crop Vignette is added. After that, it is an exercise of re-lighting the scene with "Radial Filters" (all done in Lightroom). On this particular photo, I lost track at 100 Radial Filters when working on it.

Hope you enjoy!