Hello and welcome to my website.

I began my venture with digital photography in 1999. I was initially intrigued by capturing landscapes, incorporating the different elements of the four seasons in my artwork. I started to experiment with using different exposures and shutter speeds in my photographs, manipulating light and the effect it had upon my subjects. I soon realized that I was just as fascinated with the post production side of photography, and I was able to implement my love of technology into my craft. Using a unique approach to digital photography, I have created a series of works that demonstrate my favorite pastime.

My two main areas of interest have been landscape photography and macro flower photography. I am currently creating a series called Reflections which captures different varieties of fruits and vegetables in an empty space, highlighting the color and texture of each edible subject.

I am interested in sharing my experiences with you and discussing the different experiments I have conducted with digital photography. I will be updating my blog to demonstrate how some of these technological procedures are incorporated in my work and I will use this as a platform for discussion.

If you would like to leave me commentary, feedback, or ask questions about my process, you can go to the Contact section and email me from there. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I have enjoyed creating them.




  • Bedford Center of the Arts (BCA)  - Board Member
  • BCA Photo Group - Board Member
  • BCA Photo Group - Technical Series Director
  • Quail Ridge Camera Club
  • NHPPA - New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association
  • Naples Digital Photography Club

2017 - Shows/Exhibitions

  • Illumination/Reflection a BCA Photo Group Show in the Gallery at First Parish