Foto Friday - Custom House

Foto Friday - Custom House

Hello everyone.

Today's photo is a street level view of the Custom House in downtown Boston. I have taken many shots of the this building from the waterfront, highlighting its long tower with clock face on top. It is a much different representation of the building when you are standing directly at its base looking skyward.

For the Technology Geeks, it is a relative straight forward shot. My camera was mounted on my Tripod and the picture was captured at 1/160s, F11, ISO 100, at 28mm. After minor cleanup in Lightroom, I then processed the shot in the Nik Filter called Silver Efex Pro2 to render it in Black and White. As you can see, the B&W treatment really helps you focus on the structure of the building, as opposed to the bright sky where you eye would travel in its color counterpart.

Hope you enjoy!