Foto Friday - Dahlia in Black & White

Foto Friday - Dahlia in Black & White

Hello everyone.

Today's Foto Friday is a picture of a focus stacked Dahlia that was then processed into a Black and White shot. Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers to shoot. Their colors (when kept in color) are subtle and beautiful, but also have great form and shape when viewed in B & W.

For the Technology Geeks, this shot was combined (focus stacked) from 19 separate shots. It was captured at 1/125s (sync speed of studio strobes), F22 (about 0.1 inch DoF), ISO 200, and with my 60mm Macro. The shots were combined in Helicon Focus to give a resulting shot that is in focus from front to back. After combined, the photo went through some cleanup in Lightroom and then Silver Efex Pro 4 (Nik Filters) was run to give the final Black and White shot.

Hope you enjoy!