Foto Friday - Whalers Wharf

Foto Friday - Whalers Wharf

Hello everyone.

Today's shot is a three shot HDR architectural photo of the Arcade at Whalers Wharf in Provincetown. The center structure is three stories high with an open air roof. It is quite a different shot at 6:30am without the high number of people it usually holds.

For the Technology Geeks, as stated above, this was a three shot High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture, with each shot two (+2, 0, -2) stops apart. This was needed to capture the large tonal range with the early morning sun coming through the open air roof, and the dark reaches of the hall in the background. The main shot was captured at 1/4s, F8.0, ISO 100, and 16mm.The shot were compiled in Lightroom (Right Click ->Photo Merge -> HDR). After that the shot was processed and NIK Filters added. Also when doing any architectural shot such as this, you always need to ensure that the verticals are straight!

Hope you enjoy!