Foto Friday - Bearded Iris

Foto Friday - Bearded Iris

Hello everyone.

Today's Foto is one that I captured in the Acton Arboretum of a beautiful Bearded Iris. This is a four shot Focus Stacked photo that was captured with a small "depth of field" to separate it from the background. It had recently rained, and I was able to capture it with the rain drops still on it.

For the Technology Geeks, the four shots were captured at 1/200s, F2.8, ISO 200, with my Sony 90MM Macro Lens. It was captured as four separate shots, moving the focus point farther into the plane of view with each shot. With the shallow depth of field (DoF), this allowed me to to separate the flower from the background, giving the viewers full attention the the main subject (Bearded Iris).

Hope you enjoy!