Foto Friday - A walk in the Park

Foto Friday - A walk in the Park.

Hello everyone

One of my favorite places to go and shoot is the Boston Public Gardens early (~6:00 am) on Sunday mornings. First it is a picturesque area to shoot, and early means very few people. This morning had a lot to offer with the sky cooperating and great light.

For the Technology Geeks, this was a three shot HDR with the base shot at 1/100s, F8, ISO 100, and 21mm (16-35mm Sony Lens). Pretty straight forward. Ran the three shots through the Photo Merge -> HDR function in Lightroom. I then ran the resulting shot through the Nik Filters in Color Efex Pro 4, to get the final result. To give an idea of how important processing the files can change the overall look, I've included the Base Raw file in the comments section below.

Hope you enjoy!