Foto Friday - Massachusetts State House

Foto Friday - Massachusetts State House Floor

Hell everyone.

Today's photo is one of a Boston Architectural Series that I did a short time back. A small group of us were given special permission to set up in the State House with our tripods to capture its beauty. A bit of technology needed to be used to create what I was looking at, as opposed to what the camera was able to capture in a single shot. All in all 10 shots were combined into a HDR Vertical Panorama of the State House Floor from the upper balcony.

For the Technology Geeks, 5 HDR shots were captured of the lower half , and the upper half (examples below) of the final result. The base shot for the HDR Series was 5.0s, F11, ISO 100 at 16mm. All 10 shots were selected in Lightroom, right clicked -> Photo Merge -> HDR Panorama. Lightroom was then set off to do its thing, and after minor tweaking, this was the final result.

Hope you enjoy!