Foto Friday - Music Hall Arch

Foto Friday - Music Hall Arch

Hello everyone.

This week's photos are a couple that I captured last Sunday when I was scouting Portsmouth NH. Beautiful downtown and coastal area in New Hampshire. The first shot is of the Music Hall Arch they put up on the start of Chestnut Street. You can see the Music Hall deep right in the picture. The second picture is a closer shot of the Music Hall. Beautiful building with a great color palette.

For the Technology Geeks, each shot was a three shot HDR (-2,0+2) handheld at f5.6, 1/400s, ISO80, and at 16mm. The three shots were run through Lightroom, Right Click -> Photo Merge -> HDR. The three shot HDR helped me capture the subject matter, and also capturing the great clouds that were in the sky that day.

Hope you enjoy!