Foto Friday - Roundheaded Leeks

Foto Friday - Roundheaded Leek

Hello everyone.

Today's photo was compiled (focus stacked) from four separate shots in order to maintain the viewer's eye on the subject, and keeping the background out of focus. This is an artistic choice when shooting flowers, and one that I believe brings the viewer's eye to your main subject(s).

For the Technology Geeks, the shots were captured at F4, 1/125s, ISO 250, on a 90mm Macro lens. If you look at the screenshot of the DoF (Depth of Field Calculator) that I was using, the D0F (area that is most in focus) is 3/8 of an inch. For each of the shots I put the focus point on each flower head to capture them. I then took the four shots into Photoshop (after processing in Lightroom) as separate layers, did an Auto-Align Layers and then an Auto-Blend Layers which gave me the resulting photo.

Hope you enjoy!



IMG_1750 2_DennisResiMac27.fios-router.home_Jun-13-074933-2019_Conflict.PNG