Foto Friday - Tin City

Hello everyone. 

Today's shot is one that I captured recently in a section of Naples Florida called Tin City. It was a grey and overcast day, rendering a dull and boring shot. So I decided to have a little fun with it. I darkened it down and re-lit it in post, giving me the shot you see here.

For the Technology Geeks, all of the work was done in Lightroom. First I darkened the shot by pulling the exposure down by 2 stops, pulled down the blacks, and added a post crop vignette to give a darkened look. I then started with the process of adding "Radial Filters" to re-light the picture. In each of the Radial Filters I pulled the Exposure and White Balance sliders all the way to the right (increased). I would then pull them back to make the adjustment that was needed for that particular section of the shot. All in all, I lost track around ~95 Radial Filters that were added.

Hope you enjoy!



Original Image