Foto Friday - Christian Science Center

Foto Friday - Christian Science Center

Hello everyone.

Today's photo is a long exposure day to nighttime shot that I captured at the Christian Science Center in Boston. Besides the day to night transformation, the other thing of interest in this picture is that there were about 50 - 100 people in the scene when shooting it. See how I handled it below.

For the Technology Geeks, I would say that this is a 50/50 shot. 50% of the effort is in the capture, and 50% of the effort is in the processing.

In the Capture Phase the original shot was metering at 1/125s, F22, ISO 50, 10MM (16-35mm Sony Lens). I then added a 10Stop and a 3Stop ND (Neutral Density) filter to the front of the lens. This changed my Shutter Speed down to 107s (1m 47s). This allowed me to remove all of the people walking through the scene. You see if they keep moving when passing your camera, they don't register into the shot.

In the Process Phase it started with some basic adjustments that were done in Lightroom and then moved into Photoshop. From here the magic happens. First I ran the Nik Filter Dfine2 to clean up the noise, mostly in the sky. Then I added a Color Efex 4 filter (Detail Extractor), and the added a Silver Efex Pro 2 Filter to turn the shot into a black and white. From there I added a Camera Raw Filter and added ~50 Radial Filters to light the highlights in the scene. From daytime to nighttime with no people.

Hope you enjoy!