Foto Friday - Albany Covered Bridge

Foto Friday - Albany Covered Bridge

Hello everyone.

This week's photo is the Albany Covered Bridge, in (you guessed it) Albany NH. It is a beautiful structure that is still actively used as a single lane route to cross the Swift River in Albany NH.

For the Technology Geeks, this shot was captured using a three shot HDR (High Dynamic Range), 2 stops apart (+2, 0, -2) in order to capture the entire tonal range from sky, to underneath the bridge. The three shots were selected and then Right Click -> Photo Merge -> HDR was selected in Lightroom. After compiling, you are left with a DNG (Digital Negative) file with a much wider tonal range than any of the single shots. After some cleanup in LR, I then ran the Color Efex Pro 4 filter on it by Nik, and voila.

Hope you enjoy!